Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi Ho(e) it's off to work we go...

Another day, hard at it!

We carried more cement, made more re-bar towers, and worked hard together.  We sang a lot, and at one point, the Haitian workers joined us in "Little Drummer Boy".  We worked so hard that at our lunch time at Caleb and Debbie's, at least 6 of our teammates had to take a snooze.

We played with the kids, singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes", "The Ittsy, Bitsy, Spider" and "The Chicken Dance."  The kids really liked it when I wiggled my bottom.

Nanci and Cameron got their wish, to see a tarantula.  It was big and hairy.  We have pictures!

We finished pouring the cement footings.  We got to work along side the Haitians, chat with them about their lives.  We even found a student that knew Spanish (most Haitians that go to school, know four languages, Creole, French, English, and Spanish), Cameron had a great conversation.

Some of us had the honor to see Ceiban's farm, a farmer that last year's team members got to meet and see his innovative farm.  Moses, his friend, and our interpreter was home from University to help in our journey.  It was a joy to see their progress, Haiti's own "Garden of Eden."  We even got to ride in the back of a pick-up truck, one of my favorite Haitian past-times.

Adam got to play a game of soccer with some of people at the camp, we got to see goats get picked up that were bought by people from home.  One goat even got tied up to the back of a motorcycle with 3 other passengers, quite the sight!

We had dinner with the Medical team once again, they are doing great work, having a great time, it was good to connect with them once again.  Dr. Guy (and his goose) hosted us.  More delicious Haitian food, yummmo.

One more day of work, then we start our journey home, we will be flying to Port-Au-Prince in 3 planes from the grass run-way of Pignon.  Getting to Miami Saturday evening.  We are all excited for our impending long, warm showers...we will wash the Haitian dirt from our bodies, but we will always have Haiti in our hearts.



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