Monday, January 17, 2011

Visual Journey

Here are some pictures of our trip

Tent City in Port-Au-Prince
Our 5 hour trip to Pignon included some of us riding on top of luggage in the back of the bus
Cameron approaching Wiggles

Terrie got to meet her sponsored child

Cindy organizing the pillowcase sun dresses at the Dorcas Women meeting

Keith and Cameron loading Cinder blocks in the back of the dump truck

Making re-bar towers

Pastor Caleb giving a lesson on cholera to the kids

Working along side our Haitian brothers

Our footings

Mother-Daughter team hauling cement!

The team walking down to the river to as part of a remembrance of the 2010 earthquake

The Glyndon Lutheran Crew at Caleb and Debbie's

An aerial shot of Hwy 3 from our plane

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  1. GREAT PICS Kris- THANKS!!!! Feeling strange to be home- Seems like we were gone for a month with all of the work and activities we partook in. Hope the team is recovering from our unique journey together. It was an honor to serve with each of you. Terrie