Monday, January 17, 2011

We made it back!

Wow, what an adventure!

We finished strong on Friday, leaving the work site with 15 of the re-bar towers in with cement!  We impressed our Haitian co-workers, according to Caleb.

Some of us left behind our work gloves, water bottles, and Keith and Cameron even gave their shoes to our Haitian workers.

When we got back to camp we start packing up our stuff so it could be driven down to Port-Au-Prince since our planes would not be able to hold our luggage and us!  A few more goats were picked up, and Caleb came by and spent some time with us.  

Saturday morning meant "Market Day!"  The road outside of the camp became a shopping mall of Haitian goods; beautiful table clothes, wood work, paintings, jewelry and other things.  Some of us got good deals, while others didn't do so well with the bartering.  :)

We flew to Port-Au-Prince in 3 shifts.  The first group was a 6 seater plane, the second group had two 4 seater planes, and the last group had a 6 seater plane.  It was simply beautiful to see the country from the air!  Our pilots were amazing, it was the best landing out of any of our flights!  

We had some time to kill at the Port-Au-Prince airport since our flight to Miami was delayed. We met some people that had been spending time in Haiti, church groups, electricians, and a group of Canadian Professional Football players.  It was neat to meet people, visit with them about their time and share what we did.

We made it to Miami, got our luggage, got to our hotels and crashed and showered.  Got back to the airport to travel home.

It is good to be home, but, at least for me, I left part of my heart in Haiti.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers while we were away, please continue to pray for the people of Haiti, they are praying for us.


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